For the basic guidelines for creating and adding content to the wiki, please see the Style Guide.

The Article Layout Guide shows how articles should be structured and organized on the wiki. This page will explain the organization of different types of articles, as well as how to properly add content to each section.

For the purposes of this guide, it will be assumed that whoever's reading it knows the basics of editing. If not, there are plenty of tutorials available over at Community Central, as well as in Help:Contents. Asking more experienced users, as well as the wiki's staff, is also a good way to learn.

Please keep in mind that some of the policies on this page may change.

General Sections Edit

These sections can be applied to most, if not all, of the articles on the wiki. Any guidelines listed must be followed regardless of the type of article they appear on.

Article Introduction — The text directly below the article's title that introduces the reader to the subject, usually through a short description or brief summary of the subject's role.

  • If an article requires one, the appropriate infobox should be used for the appropriate page. Infoboxes should be the first thing placed on the page.
  • The first instance of a subject's name, its equivalent, and/or any listed aliases or nicknames should be bold.

History — The history of the subject throughout the canon.

Resources— A list of sources for information used in the article. This section will always be at the end of an article. This will often include a classe'ss blog or a muse's roleplaying blog link.

Character Pages Edit

Character pages should be placed in one of three categories: Category:Iconic Heroes, Category:Iconic Nemeses, or Category:Unaffiliated Adventurers and any appropriate subcategories. The {{Infobox character}} (character) infobox should be placed at the beginning of every page.

Page Layout Edit

Iconic Heroes character pages should more or less follow this layout:

== Article Introduction ==
== Appearance ==
== History ==
=== Early Life ===
=== During the Collective ===
== Class ==
== Relationships ==
== Resources ==

Note: Some characters may not have enough enough information for all of the sections included on the above list. Some characters may even need additional sections depending on the information.

Sections Edit

Article Introduction — Introduces the character, usually by stating their role in the canons and a brief summary of the character's storyline.

Appearance — A brief description of the character's appearance.

History — The character's storyline throughout the canon, written in-universe and in past tense.

Class — State the character's class/multiclass. If the character is an Iconic Hero, state when they joined the Collective in-universe.

Relationships — Here is where the character's relationships will be described. Basically, summarize the characters' interactions.

Resources — A list of sources for information used in the article. Include the link to their class or roleplay blog.

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