The Stronghold was the original base of the Circle of Nemeses. It was established by Garreth Hayes, the Greensword, and operated as a dual base in conjunction with the Web, the espionage syndicate that was run by the Second Sword, Seldanna Windwalker. The Stronghold was located in Capitol City.

Exterior Edit

Its exterior, which was encased in a tall, brick wall that went around the entirety of its grounds, was made of the same beautiful stonework that most other buildings on the city street were and was well taken care of. It was, however, intentionally unassuming. No flags were flown, no signs of what went on within its walls, and most of those coming and going used a hidden passageway or the teleportation circle inside.

Many enchantments and barriers protected the Stronghold from unwanted intruders, scrying, and other forms of magic.

Interior Edit

The main hall fed the central hub of the syndicate’s proceedings. A circular walkway lined a “pit” in the center of the room, where there were several desks organized into rows and facing the opposite wall. The wall held massive map of the world and had several pins of their operatives’ locations, as well as important documents and other information plastered to it. 

Four wings went off, making an “X” on the stronghold’s grounds, and had several floors, as well as basement levels under each wing. Above the central hub was Seldanna Windwalker’s tower where she resided and conducted her official business.

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