Whereas each blog in the Adventurer’s Collective is dedicated to a particular class, each blog in the Legion of Nemeses is dedicated to a particular villain. Below are the currently known nemeses:

  1. The Anarchist: Moxie
  2. The Black Knight: (unknown)
  3. The Blackflame: Ausk Zurgran
  4. The BlacksteelDumont Leroux
  5. The Broker LawlessNowhere Calloway
  6. The Cultist Leader: Jormanis
  7. The Desperado: Sammy McCallister
  8. The Elemental Cultist: Ceto
  9. The Feysworn: Gwynn
  10. The First One: Kol al Revah
  11. The Gatekeeper: Abbi Hill
  12. The Heistmaster: Tara Melan
  13. The Ironclawed: Faraday
  14. The Lady in Red: Cassandra Delacroix
  15. The Living GrimoireRiliane Lingrot
  16. The Mad Doctor: Dr. Alastor H. Blake
  17. The Mechanist: Dren Thastrys
  18. The Mesmerist: Magda Vesna Magpyr
  19. The Mistress of Marionnettes: Lane
  20. The Overlord: The Overlord of Atra
  21. The Rakugoka: Ishikawa
  22. The Renounced Temptress: Jessica Natalie DelTacia
  23. The Scourge of the Seas: Graham Dobhran
  24. The Second Sword: Seldanna Windwalker
  25. The Shadovar(unknown)
  26. The Shadow Furies: Akaza Emiko and Eishun
  27. The Silverwolf: Garth Jezeldason
  28. The Soul EaterThrsiles
  29. The Soul Stitched: Elena Freeman
  30. The Soulfinder: Garrick Helvig Dervan
  31. The Soulless Machine: Jack Ronnbach
  32. The Venomancer: Dhun’Galil Galanodel
  33. The Vermin Lord: Tazdyn Bloodeater
  34. The White Matron: Lua’tana Arkenana
  35. The Worldbreaker(unpronounceable)
  36. The Wyrmdrake: Regina, Empress of the United Dark Elf Kingdoms
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