An idea proposed by We Are Fighter, the WAA has decided to emulate the creators at Paizo and Wizards of the Coast, and craft our own Iconic Heroes. This page will be updated habitually as our members craft their own Iconic Heroes. You may likely see these characters having their own adventures across the collective, so keep an eye out as time goes on. And if want them all in one place, check out our iconic heroes tag.

  1. We Are Alchemist: Isaac Sterling
  2. We Are Antipaladin: Duchess Meriel Venmarch
  3. We Are Arcane ArcherIlgond Olorimo
  4. We Are Assassin: Jay September-Magvyr, The Magpie
  5. We Are Barbarian: Astrid Regenbaud
  6. We Are Bard: Rowan Wyllt
  7. We Are Beastmaster: Shania Thamuz
  8. We Are Beguiler: Melisant Theronimy (Mel)
  9. We Are Blacksmith: Liath McGreydon
  10. We Are Blood Hunter: Alastair Grey, Laanra Stormmind, Gared, Hygron Firehold
  11. We Are Bloodrager: Aarov Ironbreaker
  12. We Are Captain: Artemisia Fitzwilliams
  13. We Are Celestial Warlock: Reliquary
  14. We Are Chronomancer: Hannah Everwood
  15. We Are Cleric: Brother Andrew
  16. We Are Cook: O'Dur Up
  17. We Are Cowboy: Jethroe Landon Harverston Junior
  18. We Are Dancer: Damakos / Breamson Gidori
  19. We Are Dark Knight: Clarimond
  20. We Are Death Cleric: Malethus Thavon
  21. We Are Demon Hunter: Wesley Henderson
  22. We Are Diabolist: Korva
  23. We Are Dragon Rider: Daeron Flamemourn
  24. We Are Dread Commando: Khasseus Waugwith
  25. We Are Dusk Knight: Aedesh Meredis
  26. We Are Eldritch Knight: Harkin SaldorekRo-el'tai Saldorek
  27. We Are Favored Soul: Odesyn Varryn
  28. We Are Fighter: Rhyann Kavanagh / Astor Lehmann
  29. We Are Guildmaster: Raulwocket Winterbarren
  30. We Are Gunslinger: Wolfram Ignatz Hasek
  31. We Are Harrower: Vira Legan
  32. We Are Healer: Nulie Gar’Vara
  33. We Are Herbalist: Niramour Nypan's
  34. We Are Horizon Walker: Sahara
  35. We Are Illusionist: Nyx / Moira Mistvail
  36. We Are Incarnate: Anna Lyn
  37. We Are InquisitorGisela Hayen
  38. We Are Knight: Edward Marshal Khawla ‘Saif Al-Nur’
  39. We Are Lawyer: Curio Caecilius Spurius
  40. We Are Luchador: Kovir Acorazado / Miguel Rosales
  41. We Are Mage: Alarin Ombrelame
  42. We Are Magical Child: Jura Salanth / Lark Smithson
  43. We Are Medium: Zarrakir Ohril / Squintch
  44. We Are Messenger: Marten O’Grul’Bayorg
  45. We Are Monk: Matsubi Hanako
  46. We Are Necromancer: Sethos, Magenta
  47. We Are Occultist: Adaji
  48. We Are Oracle: Tapestry of the Final Winter / Bryony Chloris / Metheglin
  49. We Are Paladin: Tarek Al-Amir
  50. We Are Pathfinder: Mariana Biggs
  51. We Are Pirate: Kyrvarra Whitfrey
  52. We Are Planar Champion: Sharei Aurellion
  53. We Are Princess: Selena
  54. We Are Psion: Suvi Taube
  55. We Are Psychic Warrior: Daemran Trevail
  56. We Are Pyromancer: Daigo Belfir
  57. We Are Ranger: Myrr
  58. We Are Rogue: Naddiyah
  59. We Are Runecaster: Daegrun Bronzedeep
  60. We Are Samurai: Sato Namika
  61. We Are Scarlet Corsair: Captain Victoria Slaughter
  62. We Are Seeker: Roshanna Silverwind
  63. We Are Shaman: The Great Cain
  64. We Are Shifter: Balisk Tahn
  65. We Are Shadowcaster: Lavenderis Marilla
  66. We Are Shadowdancer: Reva
  67. We Are Skald: Lilith Ward of Words
  68. We Are Sorcerer: Ylva the Weaver
  69. We Are Soul Binder: Cole / Orlaith
  70. We Are Starfinder: Caeli
  71. We Are Swashbuckler: Sebastian Volante
  72. We Are Swordsage: Tadgh Morris
  73. We Are Thread Mage: Astra Klytie
  74. We Are Tinker: Noradden Warbrew
  75. We Are Treasure Hunter: Bren Oxton Talmid
  76. We Are Trickster: Icarus Varekai
  77. We Are Truenamer: Sigmund Grimlarsson
  78. We Are Viking: Hafgrim Ahlberg
  79. We Are Warlock: Alekto Nihal
  80. We Are Warlord: High Marshal Torgrim
  81. We Are Warmage: Odryk
  82. We Are Warpriest: Harold / Wesley Liberi
  83. We Are Witch: Felyn’mice Arkenana
  84. We Are Witch Slayers: Beliara Tahrien
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