Café Rogue was one of the major fixed points within the multiverse, existing across most, if not all, planes of existence/universes. Further, it was one of the rare neutral zones, along with the Sleepy Siren Inn & Tavern and the Spacedust Saloon.

Exterior Edit

In any city, in any country, there is a shopfront marked only by a rusted iron sign depicting a steaming coffee mug and the faded words "Café Rogue". A simple, messy shopfront - clearly once painted a bright red, now decayed to the point where the wood below is visible. The doorway, similarly faded, has a misted window through which a flashing neon open sign is visible all hours of the day, every day of the year.

Interior Edit

Stepping inside, the grim exterior fades away to a pleasant, modern interior. A long bar runs along the right of the room, with a variety of implements for the making of coffee, tea and everything in-between. The room spans out almost infinitely, with there always being just enough room to fit a new party. The walls that are not neatly boarded with wood are lined with bookshelves, with books on almost every subject lining the walls. There is a set of stairs, covering a comfy alcove with a window looking out onto an eternally snowing field, in the distance of which a castle is barely visible. Up the stairs is a long attic room, with piles of comfy cushions, always just the right temperature to drift off to sleep.

On the furthest wall, there is a large fireplace, always burning brightly. The flames give off just the right amount of heat to give the room a homely feel, without being too invasive. It is rare to see the fire stoked, or more logs added, but it seems to burn just fine without.

Across the café, paintings are hung, some historical and seemingly timeless, and some more modern and identifiable. These, combined with the various nick-knacks that neatly fill shelves around the rooms.

Attendants Edit

The café is attended by two people. He identifies himself as Othello, though whether this is actually his name is up for debate. The only facts anyone seems to really know about him is his appearance: He is tall, with long, dark hair, and a simple, relaxed complexion. He seems impossible to anger, always lulling his guests into a sense of security.

The second person, a being that seems to shimmer with a neon glow, that you can barely discern anything of but it's green apron, marked with the logo of the café. It identifies itself at "urbis lumen, the god in the neon", though few actually believe that a god is a part-timer in a café.

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